There is nothing that does not enter its space.

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Self cultivation is to become pure and be like a baby. By letting go, it all gets done; the world is won by those who let
it go! But when you try and try, the world is then beyond the winning. Everything goes according to fate. Don't try to go against fate. If you are the One, you are the One. Many don't follow this instruction. The world's softest thing penetrates quickly the world's hardest thing. There is nothing that does not enter its space. It is because of knowing inaction's usefulness a religion without words; for inaction's usefulness, there are a rare few who really know it. Fame and body, which is dearer? Body and wealth, which is worth more? Attain and death, which is illness? Great love for passion will incur great loss; hoarding will incur immense death. Therefore being contented is no shame; knowing the limitation to stop is not dangerous but close, and it can be eternal. Great perfection yet it seems imperfect, incomplete; its uses are not impaired. The great filling up is like pouring in rushes, its uses not poor. Great straight line seems to bend. Great skill seems like clumsiness, great speech seems like stammering. Stillness wins over weariness, cold wins over heat. Quiet and stillness will upright the world. When the world has Tao, coach horses fertilise the fields. When the world has no Tao, war horses breed in the parks. Calamity is not greater than not contented; fault is not greater than desire to attain. Therefore learn to be contented, you will always be contented. Without going out, you can know the world. Without prying beyond the window, you can see heavenly Tao. The further you go, the less you know Tao. So the Sage does not go out and knows Tao at home, not looking he understands, in inaction he achieves success.

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