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A meditator has to live his life in such a way that everything goes on growing, expanding, without any limit. Your love, your joy, your silence, your life -- everything should be allowed to grow. And it can happen only if you allow the same to others.

But what we have been doing for thousands of years is just the opposite: we encroach on each other's territory, we destroy the space of everybody in the name of love, in the name of friendship. We use beautiful words to hide ugly realities.

If you really love a person you will allow all the space possible to the person; you will never encroach on his or her freedom. That is the only indication of your love, not those stupid love letters that you write! Any fool can do that -- a computer can do far better than you do! A computer can write love letters, there is no problem in it. Your love can be proved only by one thing: how much freedom you are giving to the other -- even the freedom to love others; that is the only indication of your love.

She was very nearsighted and very pretty, but too vain to wear glasses on her honeymoon and unable to wear contact lenses. When she returned from her honeymoon, her mother immediately got in touch with the oculist. "You must see my daughter at once," she pleaded. "It is an emergency!"

"There is nothing to be excited about," he reassured her. "She is nearsighted, that's all."

"That's all?" repeated the mother. "Why, this young man she has got with her is not the same one she went on her honeymoon with!"

If we could give without even thinking to whom it reaches.... Because to whomever it reaches, is part of the same existence as we are part of -- it reaches to us.

People worshiping dead, stone statues -- what kind of humanity have we created -- just because somebody has said that "This statue is the statue of God."

Nobody has seen God. No photographer has even taken a single photograph. How have these sculptors managed to make these statues? Just pure imagination.

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